Chapter 2- I am not a teenager

There’s a TedTalk that I first watched during my sophomore year of undergrad, and listened to many times after, that has really resonated with me as a person and teacher by Rita Pierson. It’s titled “Every kid needs a champion.” She talks about relationships and connections.

Relationships are so important, especially with children. Since the beginning of my placement, I’ve been doing things to get to know my students. It’s a different situation from if I would have student taught in the fall semester, because I’m not starting at the beginning of the school year. We’re not all coming in together, I’m the newbie. But I’ve made it a point to do things like learning my student’s names and greeting them when they arrive in the morning.Can you imagine the look on their faces and how much I learned about them when I went and sat with them at lunch? I’m really enjoying this journey. Ms. Rita Pierson talks about how teaching and learning should bring joy. cootiecatchers

Who remembers cootie catchers or fortune tellers? I noticed that some of my students were making them and I made a few for those that didn’t know how. Then a couple more students asked me.. I somehow ended up making 3 cootie catchers, 3 nights in a row, and possibly 4 over the weekend. I soon realized what I’d gotten myself into, and had to instate a rule. If I’ve already made you one and you want another during free time, I’ll teach you how to make it, or you need to ask a friend who knows how. I also decided to make sight word cootie catchers. 😛

teachers-teaWhen helping a few of my students with their math center yesterday I was asking them how I was able to solve a problem as fast as I did, and the response was “because you’re a teenager!” I also was asked if I go to the high school across the street, if I live with my parents, and if I was either 16 or 19. Curious bunch! We had to have a talk at the end of the day about how I’m in college, what college is, what brought me to their class, and that no I am not a teen.


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