Chapter 6- My pants are shrinking

It’s been a few weeks (plus some) since my last post, and I’ve been up to a lot! I’ve been adjusting and loving my new placement in kindergarten. I still stand by my statement of loving the school I’ve been assigned to. Even though I’ve switched floors, the culture of support and respect still remains. Everyone is so nice and offers materials, advice, support, and ideas. This isn’t to say I don’t miss my first graders terribly. Because I do. I still visit them at their lunch time, especially since it’s conveniently during my K students’ recess time. The same goes for my previous co-teachers. I’m so grateful for the relationship I’ve built with them.

My new cooperating teacher is also awesome. When I say I’ve been blessed with how my cards have been IMG_6549dealt, I’m not lying. She knows what she is doing, and has resources beyond resources that she has extended to me. In getting to know my students, within the first week I sent home a getting to know you survey that I made. Making sure that this wasn’t a one sided attempt to build a relationship with my students, I also filled out an about me the following week where they could ask me questions. I’ve been focusing a lot on the connections that I’m building with not just my students, but their families, and the school community. I’ve been making sure to communicate with families at home weekly.

We also had book character day, and I was Clifford the Big Red Dog! My roommate and I attended GRADUATION FAIR…. April 29 is sooooo close. Last week, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.

These two pictures highlight one of the many reasons I love my school. There’s a sensory room! This sensory integration helps students that may need their senses engaged and developed. The room is very calming, and has the right amount of stimuli for a student who may need that stimulation or calming atmosphere.


IMG_6097 Student teaching is really great for being able to explore all of the things within a school that you may not get to see when you are teaching in your own classroom all day. I’ve been able to observe other teachers’ classrooms to take in some of their techniques and routines. I have also been visiting the specials. I have an appreciation for music teachers, gym teachers, art teachers, and the librarians.

teachers-teaWith all of the excitement that happens at school, comes a lot of snacks. Between birthdays, holidays, reward days, and just plain old day-days, I’ve been consuming a lot of treats. I’m currently on a cupcake and cookie restriction plan. Not because I’m gaining weight, but because my pants are shrinking and I had to adjust my belt buckle on St. Patrick’s Day.


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