Chapter 8- SOFTS

It’s the beginning of June, and if you’re a teacher, you’re most likely on vacation or soon to be on vacation because *cue song* – Schoool’s Outttt for the Summmmer.

While we teachers have a long year full of teaching, learning, inspiring.. testing, etc. It’s important to remember that not all children are excited for summer and we shouldn’t just run towards the beach and never look back.

This 110% isn’t to say we shouldn’t have our breaks and enjoy our vacation. I do think that it means taking some time to reach out to your students over the summer with maybe a post card to remind them you care, a classroom blog/website where students can communicate with you and other students, starting a summer club, or even providing information about summer camps/summer programs.

Not all students have the ideal set up when they are home. Not all students are thrilled to now be in a totally different setting. Not all students will have the picture perfect summer.

This doesn’t all fall on teachers though! I love how many schools have back to school events, such as ice cream socials or meet the teacher nights. It would be awesome if schools could have something at least once a month during the summer such as a movie night, book club night, dance party.. something that would get kids out of their house, in a setting they’re familiar with, and allow them to meet up with school friends.

teachers-tea Don’t forget about the students you’re there for during the school year, but do enjoy your summer because we work hard and deserve it. sun


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